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Visit Comtrol at SPS Fair 2018

Visit us at SPS to learn how you can deliver sensor data directly to the IoT Cloud via OPC UA and MQTT.

November 27-29, 2018
Nuremberg, Germany
Hall 5, Booth 210

Deliver Sensor Data Direct to the IoT Cloud Via OPC UA/MQTT

  • No PLC required- Direct connection to HMI, OPC Client and SCADA systems
  • Hardware and software cost reductions
  • Comtrol’s Multi-Link feature offers Process Data control (PDI/PDO) using multiple Ethernet protocols simultaneously
  • IIoT enabled- Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, control and diagnostics with Ignition and IO-Link

IoT Cloud 01 - Visit Comtrol at SPS Fair 2018

Sensor control and monitoring have traditionally been achieved by hardwiring to a PLC or connecting tonetwork blocks, which then communicate with a PLC. To send data to a SCADA system or OPC Client, it has required a PLC to process the data then send it upstream. This adds hardware and software costs and sometimes is not a necessary piece of the system.

Comtrol has developed a solution by giving the user ultimate flexibility for their applications. Sensor data can be sent directly to an OPC Client or SCADA system through OPC UA from Comtrol’s IO-Link communication block. Users can also simultaneously control devices from the PLC or another controller using Ethernet/IP, Profinet or Modbus TCP.