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Transportation Device Connectivity to Traffic Management Systems

NELegacy DMRTS Traffic control72dpi - Transportation Device Connectivity to Traffic Management Systems

Network-Enable Legacy Devices with Comtrol DeviceMaster

Comtrol currently works with a number of device manufacturers and agencies to aid in the networking and communications of legacy serial devices in the field. The range of applications that we have installed connectivity for are traffic management systems, arterial and freeway managements, roadside cabinet networking, and intersection management and control. We manufacture the DeviceMaster RTS family of field hardened, programmable serial device servers that can network-enable any RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial device. For additional serial connectivity there is the RocketPort family of serial expansion products that add up to 32 additional serial ports to traffic control computers.

Traffic Devices Connected

Comtrol’s traffic technology solutions connect via Ethernet and allow real-time control to traffic management centers to these devices: