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Remote Intersection and Traffic Application Control – Chandler, AZ

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The City of Chandler in Arizona was able to solve a number of traffic control needs they were facing with the DeviceMaster RTS. City planners required a device that could withstand the 160°F temperatures that traffic cabinets reached. The product also had to work with their quickly expanding city while making it easy to plan future intersections. The DeviceMaster RTS met all of these requirements, enabling visibility and control of intersections and traffic devices.

Technology Solution

DeviceMaster connects RS-232/422/485 serial devices to an Ethernet network. Traffic managers can communicate with and control intersections in real-time via the connection provided by the DeviceMaster. It gives complete visibility to managers so they can make decisions based on feedback from observing traffic. Chandler traffic engineers use the DeviceMaster to control devices like the Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, change the signal timing for road construction, manage short-term maintenance needs, and even control demands for special events and accidents.

The DeviceMaster RTS was chosen for these key features:

Chandlers’s traffic management team reported that during the initial limited deployment of the device there was never a failure. After being compared and tested to competitor products the DeviceMaster was proven superior. Now with full deployment, the DeviceMaster network is still failure-free after six years.

Ben McCawley, traffic systems analyst and chief architect in Chandler, is able to remotely configure, manage, and monitor the traffic intersections via Comtrol’s PortVision® Plus that is included with the DeviceMaster products. The feature-rich software allows users to manage the DeviceMasters and track connected devices. PortVision’s features have allowed McCawely to label each communication port with the intersection name for quick reference. The DeviceMaster RTS now gives him real-time visibility and diagnosis of any event. Currently McCawley is using 65 units and PortVision DX software in a traffic grid of over 190 intersections and plans on adding more units.

“Comtrol PortVision® and DeviceMaster are easy-to-use, give me real-time control of my traffic devices, and I’ve never had a DeviceMaster fail.”

— Ben McCawley, Traffic Systems Analyst