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Power over Ethernet (PoE) For Intersection Monitoring

cityofdubuque - Power over Ethernet (PoE) For Intersection Monitoring

Improving traffic flow is a growing priority for expanding cities and towns, and one of the most efficient ways to reduce accidents and heighten safety is the use of intersection monitoring through video recording. Not only is the video used to determine ways to decrease traffic congestion – it can also be reviewed for accident footage, fault resolution, and to assure that traffic systems are working correctly.

A large city in the state of Iowa is improving its intersection monitoring system. A total of seventy intersections with approximately two hundred cameras are currently deployed around the city, constantly recording traffic activity. Along with cameras, other equipment is installed at the intersections such as preemption devices, conflict monitors, battery backup devices and other various sensors. Preemptions systems detect emergency vehicles and adjust traffic signals to allow high-priority vehicles to drive safely through the intersections. Additional sensor data is recorded at the intersections such as car counting, lane changing, and speed of traffic.

The RocketLinx ES7528 Power over Ethernet switches from Comtrol are being deployed to connect intersection devices to remote traffic control centers. As depicted in the diagram, the RocketLinx switch is connected to PoE IP cameras, sending video feed through a controller to the traffic control center. The switch also directs other information such as preemption data, sensor data, and stoplight detection to the traffic control center. The serial devices in the cabinets lack Ethernet connections, therefore needing Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS DB9 to relay the serial data up to the switch after converting it to Ethernet. This city chose the Comtrol RocketLinx PoE switches and DeviceMaster RTS device servers to upgrade its intersection monitoring system based on the products’ ruggedized housings, dependability, and exceptional performance.

RocketLinx Power over Ethernet switches are engineered for applications such as IP video surveillance or wireless broadband, where the power source is not conveniently located. With rugged, drip-proof housings, redundant power inputs, and easy web-based configuration, these Power over Ethernet switches provide reliable networking solutions. The DeviceMaster RTS family of serial device servers enables browser-based remote port/device monitoring and configuration and provides an application software platform for local processing. The DeviceMaster RTS is a reliable network-attached solid-state device server that adds high performance serial ports to your network.