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License Plate Recognition System Connectivity

mobile security zoom - License Plate Recognition System Connectivity

As criminals are using more sophisticated tactics to implement attacks and escape punishment, security is becoming increasingly important for our law enforcement officers. Staying one step ahead of offenders requires consistent technological and intelligence innovation, and our officers continue to look for ways to keep this innovation moving forward to streamline security and law enforcement systems.

A license plate recognition (LPR) software company has introduced one such system innovation which aids officers in vehicle and criminal identification. This LPR software uses advanced optical character recognition to read any plate that passes in front of an integrated video camera, and instantly compares that information to crime databases for active warrants or other alerts. If the software receives a positive hit, it alerts the officer, adds vehicle information to an internal database and instructs the camera to store the video. The officer then has identification information for the vehicle and is able to take immediate action. In the past, LPR systems have required more space, cost, time and equipment than a softwareonly solution. This specific software operates efficiently with any Windows PC system and IP camera(s), as long as the camera records a quality image.

A particular customer’s LPR system contained specific high-power IP cameras installed in its police cars, posing a problem and potential risk. The cars provided a significantly low initial voltage input (12VDC), which likely meant extra equipment was necessary. The LPR software company then discovered Comtrol’s ES7106-VB (voltage boost) PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch, which used the 12VDC input power from the police cars’ cigarette lighter receptacles and converted or “boosted” output power to 48VDC – sufficient voltage to power the cameras. Installing the switch eliminated risk of potential power inverter overheating problems, and the configuration needed no extra cabling, power supply or conversion/inversion of power between the source and the switch. The company had previously found these extra components necessary when recommending select hardware to customers.

Comtrol’s RocketLinx ES7106-VB switch was chosen not only for simplification, but for its durability, rugged housing and reputable name. It is equipped with four 10/100BASE-TX PoE injector ports, with each port delivering power up to 15.4W, and two 10/100/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit) Ethernet uplink ports for transferring data to the network. The switch also supports QoS, which ensures high quality video traffic transmission by adjusting the data transfer priority. The RocketLinx ES7106-VB is an IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE switch designed for connecting a wide range of industrial PoE equipment such as IP surveillance cameras, wireless access points and other devices utilizing 12/24V vehicle power sources or 24V standard industrial power.