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Critical Infrastructure Security with Laser Scanners

MSP solution story webpage - Critical Infrastructure Security with Laser Scanners

With the continued prevalence of break-ins and theft, along with increased availability of advanced technology, traditional security methods have many times proven to be insufficient. Critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants and airports are beginning to deploy additional layers of security to augment, or even replace, existing security systems with Time-of-Flight laser scanners.

Laser scanners can be configured to create customized infrared (IR) barriers or follow the contours of a landscape or surroundings. These scanners create an invisible IR barrier and trigger an alarm or a specified event once the IR plane is broken. In addition, the type of alarm that is triggered (for example; silent, audible, direct police alert, or prompt the recording of a nearby camera) can be specifically defined using dry contact relays. What truly sets laser scanners apart from other security methods is that they are highly programmable, extremely accurate, and well suited to be used in harsh environments and inclement weather.

To account for inclement weather, multi-echo technology allows for the laser scanners to accurately detect targets in heavy rain, fog, sleet, or even snow. Nuclear power plants are now deploying laser scanners as part of their security efforts due to their accuracy and filtering capabilities. In harsh weather at a specific US nuclear site, the LMS laser scanner provided by Comtrol was the only sensor that did not fail or go into an alarm state during a heavy snowfall.

Another unique application for laser scanners is within national and international airports, where they are being deployed to protect restaurants or shops within the concourse after closing. The laser scanners are used to replace metal gates which are not only aesthetically unappealing, but are also very costly to install and maintain. The LMS1XX, and TiM3XX laser scanners create an invisible IR barrier at the entrance of restaurants to restrict unauthorized after hours access to valuable goods. Several different models for both indoor and outdoor rated applications of the LMS and TiM laser scanners are available for your security needs at