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Comtrol Delivers Networking Reliability at Super Bowl LIVE

Screenshot 12 edited - Comtrol Delivers Networking Reliability at Super Bowl LIVE

Last month, in preparation for Super Bowl LIVE, Comtrol Corporation’s Rocketlinx PoE Switches were selected by the City of Houston to manage the networking side of their cutting-edge surveillance system.

The system, installed by Houston-based security integrator Pref-Tech, deployed dozens of AXIS cameras and speakers, Louroe Electronics sound detection equipment, and Siklu radios to monitor entryways, stages, and entertainment areas throughout the more than 750,000 square foot plaza.

A combination of Comtrol’s Rocketlinx PoE Switches, SFP’s, and industrial power supplies were deployed at Discovery Green to manage all of these devices in the urban park. “Given the size of this event, it was extremely important that we deployed a reliable security network that could provide continuous coverage over a large outdoor area,” said Jack Hanagriff, from the City of Houston’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security.

Among the Comtrol products deployed was our Rocketlinx ES7510-XT, a managed, PoE Plus Fiber switch designed to meet the high power and advanced management needs of critical security applications.

“With an ever-growing need for advanced security measures at these large events, it was great to know that Super Bowl LIVE and the City of Houston trusted Comtrol as the networking piece to their solution.” – Tom Baker, Security Products Division, Comtrol Corporation.

Comtrol’s wide range of RocketLinx Power over Ethernet switches are engineered for a wide range of applications including security, transportation, and industrial automation solutions. With rugged, drip-proof housings, redundant power inputs and performance command-line interfaces, these Power over Ethernet switches provide reliable networking solutions to any application where the power source is not conveniently located.