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Access Control – Lenel Systems

hand scanner - Access Control - Lenel Systems

Comtrol’s RocketPort® USB Serial Hub reliably connects and communicates with Lenel International’s OnGuard Total Security Knowledge Management Systems. Secure and simple.


Lenel Systems International, Inc., is a leading provider of software and integrated systems for the corporate security market and government security market. They turned to Comtrol’s Rocket Port USB Serial Hub to provide reliable high-speed connectivity.

Technology Solution

By adding the RocketPort USB Serial Hub II to the workstation, they were able to expand the amount of desired serial ports needed by their client. Multiple serial devices were necessary for capturing and encoding cardholder information. Data communications with iClass capture, biometric capture, card-encoding devices, and from the PC to the control panel were all successfully accomplished by using RocketPort technology. Lenel and their client found individual port management was quickly controlled through Windows Device Manager and peripheral wiring was easily set-up because of the external form-factor of the RocketPort unit. RocketPort USB Serial Hub features quick networking via an available USB port on your computer and is only one inch in height.

“The RocketPort USB Serial Hub II was able to accomplish the task of reliably and quickly transferring captured data from multiple tasks and encoding methods, including full biometric template management using hand geometry and fingerprint technologies,” reported Brian Koszuta, Technical Product Specialist for Lenel System International. “Comtrol’s Serial Hub went through two-months of intense testing to ensure it would be reliable and stable in the access control environment. It also proved to be a solid method of capturing cardholder credentials by being able to individualize communication requirements for various peripherals.”

The RocketPort USB Serial Hub supported the demands of Lenel’s intelligent access control field hardware system. Because all decisions are made at the Lenel controller, a less than one-second response time is guaranteed, meaning that users will instantaneously be granted or denied access to restricted areas even during the busiest times of the day. With its maximum capacity of 250,000 cardholders and 100,000 access events, intelligent decisions will be made and recorded, even if communication with the main computer is lost.

“The RocketPort USB Serial Hub is a reliable and cost-effective method of providing us the bridge between our Access Control Software and a variety of devices.”

— Brian Koszuta, Lenel Systems International