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Outer Shell Protection

Vertical Facade Monitoring

Laser scanners are usually used vertically for the monitoring of facades.

The size of the monitoring areas and the possibility of setting several scenarios means only a few systems will be required, making protection as effective as it is inexpensive.

The building’s floor outline or fence serves as the reference contour. This is constantly inspected by the system to see it remains intact (distance measurement). Deviations in this outline, e. g. due to movements of earth (excavation) in the monitoring area or manipulation of the laser scanner (dismantling) trigger an alarm.

The scanners are highly resistant to environmental influences like rain and snow, making the rate of false alarms very low.

Smaller areas such as individual windows, garages or roller shutters can also be fitted with light grids or 2D area sensors on the inside at relatively little cost.

small window monitoring - Outer Shell Protection