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PC & Lens Manufacturing Equipment Connectivity

DM RP SH LensManufacturing - PC & Lens Manufacturing Equipment Connectivity

Several different software providers and equipment manufacturers in the eyewear production industry, have recommended and integrated Comtrol’s products in conjunction with theirs to control lens grinding and polishing equipment. Although each company has applied the various products to their applications in a slightly different fashion, they have all found Comtrol’s products to be the most reliable solution in providing serial communication between computers and eye wear equipment.

Comtrol’s RocketPort, DeviceMaster, and USB Serial Hub products have been integrated and recommended by these companies when presenting their comprehensive management software and equipment to practices and groups.

Starting at the optometrist’s office computer, the RocketPort 550 card has been integrated into a software program allowing them to manage their customer information and internal connections to the lens equipment. In the back production room, you will find that Comtrol’s DeviceMaster and USB Serial Hub have been integrated as a part of the controls system to the eye wear equipment. These products provide an Ethernet connection for communication to the lens grinding and polishing equipment. This connection between the office computer and eye wear equipment allows optometrists to perfectly fit prescription lenses into eye glass frames.

Comtrol’s diverse product offerings enable each of these companies to provide a reliable product solution to their end users. This ultimately allows them to communicate between the PC and peripheral components in a way that suits their specific lens manufacturing needs, and provides their customers with a reliable solution.