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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System and Medical Devices Integration

MedicalRoom website - Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System and Medical Devices Integration

By the year 2014, the Obama administration has set aggressive goals for hospitals to implement electronic medical records (EMR), that meet the “meaningful use” objectives requirements.

This creates the need for a software bridge between the patient bed-side data to the network where the medical information will be stored in the patient’s EMR. This storage of medical information in the EMR allows medical practitioners to observe trends in the monitoring data over periods of time.

One medical management company has integrated Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS into their software program process creating a seamless data transfer. This software program gives hospitals a cost-effective way to collect, store and synchronize data from a large list of medical devices.

The serial information collected from medical devices such as infant warmers and incubators, pulse oximetry devices, cerebral/somatic oximeters, light and sound meters, oxygen analyzers, etc. is gathered by Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS in each hospital room. The DeviceMaster transmits this information seamlessly over the Ethernet network, to the EMR software program where it is saved in the patients file.

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