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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution for Harley-Davidson

Harley assembly DMUP - Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution for Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer, is using Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP product to capture accurate, real-time assembly process data and to expand their quality initiative in the engine assembly area.

During the production of a motorcycle engine block, there are many different sub-assembly steps that take place. One sub-assembly in particular is the fastening process, where each bolt is fastened to the engine block by torque wrenches at a specified inch-pound measurement. As the engine block enters the fastening sub-assembly station, an RFID and barcode reader capture the data relating to the engine and which station it is at in the overall process. This information is sent to the PLC through the DeviceMaster UP via Ethernet/IP, verifying the lot number, serial number and instructions for that particular engine block. The DeviceMaster UP communicates the commands to the torque wrenches for the fastening process. The torque wrenches then register the measurement data with the PLC. After the fastening process is complete, the PLC’s compare and confirm that all processes have met certain specifications. The RFID and barcode readers are scanned, sending the engine to the next manufacturing process.

The DeviceMaster UP is responsible for both communicating data between the sub-assembly station and the PLC, verifying the engine block as it enters and exits the fasting process. The torque wrenches also receive the inch-pound measurement information from the PLC through the DeviceMaster UP for each engine block that passes by.

Harley-Davidson’s sub-assembly process relies on Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP to connect its devices and systems to an Ethernet/IP network. Contact Comtrol to understand how the DeviceMaster UP could integrate into your Ethernet/IP network.