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Comtrol Creates Custom DeviceMaster UP Firmware

As a leading provider of networking devices in the field of Industrial Automation, Comtrol frequently provides custom solutions for its programmable DeviceMaster product line.

A large company approached Comtrol with a serious and urgent problem. With the company’s primary business requiring the rapid and efficient movement of merchandise, they were faced with the constant challenge of sorting thousands of barcode labeled packages each day. The need for massive sorting had presented their client with a serious obstacle. The client’s large volumes created the need to upgrade their 10-digit barcodes to a longer barcode length and their current sorting platforms were unable to handle barcodes longer than 10-digits. They also needed to begin storing the barcode data into a database for tracking and inventory control. And they needed to implement these changes quickly.

The client had already approached the sorter manufacturers, but the only solution presented to them was to upgrade or replace all of the PLCs used to control the sortation systems. Furthermore, there was no proposed solution for forwarding the barcode data to the database application. Not only were those solutions very costly, they would not meet the requirements and would take much longer than their schedule allowed.When presented with this situation, Comtrol’s sales and engineering staff listened carefully to the requirements, concerns, and the urgency of the situation. Following the conversation, Comtrol’s engineering staff immediately designed a custom solution, sent the design to the client, and began development work that day. The custom solution included:

The initial solution was delivered within one week and subsequent functional upgrades were completed over the next three months.

Comtrol was able to quickly provide an innovative solution by customizing a DeviceMaster UP gateway and smoothly integrating the solution into their existing sortation system. Comtrol’s solution allowed their client to meet all requirements and finish their project on time.