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Enabling Network Communication in the Gaming Industry

SerialLegacy zoom - Enabling Network Communication in the Gaming Industry

Entertainment facilities with electronic gaming such as casinos and race-tracks find connectivity solutions with Comtrol’s RocketLinx switches, DeviceMaster device servers and RocketPort serial cards.

As the gaming and casino industries continue to evolve, creating advanced games and capabilities, the technology needed to support new networks evolves simultaneously.

Whether a facility hosts a single or multi-server, serial or Ethernet-supported network, Comtrol’s RocketLinx, RocketPort and DeviceMaster products provide a variety of connectivity solutions for casino networking communications.

In the case of an Ethernet-supported network, a casino or gaming facility may choose to incorporate one of Comtrol’s RocketLinx industrial Ethernet switches into their connectivity solution. Whether managed or unmanaged, with wire or fiber infrastructures, RocketLinx switches provide the reliable expanded communication between the facility’s server and each of the games, such as slot machines. Using a switch provides Ethernet communications to the casino’s network, though newer and more advanced games may contain Ethernet connection ports for direct communication with the RocketLinx switch or facility network. Comtrol’s DeviceMaster serial hubs may also be used in this layout, to bring legacy, serial-supported games into the primarily Ethernet-supported network. Whether a gaming facility updates a whole network simultaneously or implements gradual changes from serial to Ethernet communication, Comtrol’s products support many different configurations for facility-specific solutions.

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In the case of a serial-based gaming network, Comtrol’s RocketPort serial cards provide the needed expansion of serial ports in a casino or gaming facility’s network, compatible with RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485. RocketLinx, RocketPort and DeviceMaster products provide low-latency and efficient connectivity solutions for gaming networks of all types.