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Connectivity Control for High-Volume Material Handling

SI Systems provides state-of-the-art dispensing and sorting machines for high-volume order fulfillment and is always looking for ways to stay competitive. When they needed a way to improve communication and connectivity control for their machines, they turned to Comtrol Corporation.

Comtrol’s innovative DeviceMaster device server provided a cost-effective, programmable replacement for their legacy communications controller, while also increasing the number of devices they could connect within their DISPEN-SI-MATIC™ and Sorter Control systems. As a result, SI Systems realized:

The new solution helps this market leader, which has automated hundreds of distribution centers, maintain its charter to promote labor efficiency, cost savings, and improved productivity. For 20 years, Comtrol has provided technology for material handling solutions ranging from legacy device connectivity to programmable device control.

“The new technology from Comtrol has electrified our organization and has given SI Systems a major competitive advantage in the material handling industry.”

Engineering – SI Systems