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System Integration and Device Connectivity for Choice Hotels

FrontDesk3 - System Integration and Device Connectivity for Choice Hotels

Providing Multiple Solutions for Integration Between Property Management Systems (PMS) and Guest Service Peripherals

Choice Hotels International is one of the largest hotel chains in the world to host their own proprietary PMS (property management system) with more than 4,000 systems installed worldwide. Since 1997, Choice has selected Comtrol’s connectivity products to accelerate time to market, reduce development costs, and to ensure total integration between their PMS and various guest service systems. Comtrol has provided Choice Hotels with a variety of solutions, and Choice Hotels has chosen Lodging Link™ interface technology, RocketPort serial cards, and RocketPort USB Serial Hubs based on different technology needs.

In 1997, Choice faced challenges integrating their service systems with their PMS, Profit Manager. They needed to accommodate the many serial and IP based guest service systems including; PBX, call accounting, keyless entry, in-room movie rental, mini-bar sales, internet access, point-of-sale and energy management. By implementing Comtrol’s Lodging Link interface integration technology and products, they were able to expand their connectivity and provide reliability and comprehensive guest service system interface libraries for complete connectivity solutions.

In 2003, Choice Hotels released their new PMS, Choice Advantage. They implemented Comtrol’s RocketPort serial cards into their solution, which added the required ports directly into the PMS servers to provide the connections to those guest service systems while controlling maintenance costs. Comtrol’s RocketPort PCI cards were initially used, followed by the RocketPort uPCI cards, though Choice later switched to the RocketPort PCI EXPRESS card line to accommodate the upgraded servers’ PCIe connection slots. Comtrol provided Choice Hotels with their initial connectivity solutions, and was able to supply a complete current line of RocketPort PCI EXPRESS products which the new servers required.

In 2011, Choice Hotels decided to utilize the technology of USB serial hubs for adding serial ports to the PMS interface servers. Choice tested and chose the RocketPort USB Serial Hub over other brands. After providing the RocketPort USB Serial Hub to their hotels for two years, they decided to completely remover themselves from the hardware supply business. They continue to recommend the RocketPort USB Serial Hub to their hotels to provide the needed serial ports for PMS interfacing.

Updated 2017