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Hotel Guest System Device Connectivity


Comtrol Corporation and INNfinity Systems provide guest service connectivity to hotels. Comtrol provides the Lodging Link solution, a turn-key system to quickly and easily integrate hundreds of guest service systems. Hotel systems include: PBX, voice mail, call accounting, in-room Internet access, point-of-sale (POS), in-room movie, keyless entry, mini bar, and energy management systems. INNfinity provides a Windows-based, easy-to-use comprehensive guest management system.

Technology Solution

INNfinity Systems, in partnership with Comtrol, provides quality service to Southern California’s Bartell Hotels. This partnership is essential to the day-to-day operations of their properties like the Pacific Terrace Hotel. This Bartell property is located on the white sand of San Diego’s Pacific Beach and each guest room and suite boasts a private balcony. When a guest checks-out, Comtrol’s Lodging Link® Premier system transfers the guest’s electronic check out request to INNfinity to produce a bill. Within seconds, INNfinity charges the guest’s credit card and automatically changes the room to dirty/available, letting housekeeping know the room is ready to be serviced. As a hotelier, you can be assured that your staff will always have real-time information on the status of each room in the hotel. This synchronized system also saves guests from unnecessary housekeeping interruptions.

Another Bartell Hotel Property, Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suites in Shelter Island, California, hosts a continuous calendar of events. Each Sunday, Humphrey’s hosts a popular jazz brunch in the restaurant. In addition to meals at the restaurant, the inn offers poolside food and beverages, room service, and wedding and spa packages. The concerts by the bay attract business from around the globe. For every memorable vacation, Comtrol must facilitate the seamless flow of communication between each POS machine and INNfinity to ensure that each guest is charged accurately for the goods and services they used. The words “charge it” have never been so easy. Whether your days are ordinary or extraordinary, Comtrol and INNfinity ensure the same level of excellence.

INNfinity makes excellence easy with its unique, one-screen design. INNfinity places you in the driver’s seat by bringing your world to your fingertips. Whether you are making a reservation for your resort or one of your sister properties, each hotel is just a click away. Hot link reservations allow you to click on a guest’s name and have the reservation screen pop-up with the guest’s information already filled for you. Check-ins and check-outs have never been faster.

Having trouble with your reports? Drill-down reporting allows you to click on any item in your summary report and view the details down to the original reservation. Can’t multi-task? INNfinity will keep track of your last few transactions for you. Simply choose one from the drop-down menu. Do you have an extraordinary property? Let INNfinity track the preferences of your special guests, right down to their favorite beverage. What’s more, INNfinity never forgets. Pull up the details of your very first reservation with one click.

Have the hottest new guest service devices? By partnering with Comtrol and using their Lodging Link Premier, INNfinity is able to interface with movie systems, phone and Internet systems, mini bars and POS systems. When new hotel devices come on the market, Comtrol creates an interface so the system can connect with your hotel. Comtrol is able to open the lines of communication to ensure a flawless guest experience.

Comtrol and INNfinity—a partnership that provides solutions for your business. Explore the INNfinite possibilities.

“INNfinity and Comtrol products provide easy-to-use, yet powerful technology solutions for our properties. Their products’ accuracy and speed are essential to our day-to-day operations.”
-Vito Asaro

Chief Information Officer – Bartell Hotels