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Military Biological Detection Systems Communication

iStock 000000483736Large - Military Biological Detection Systems Communication

Military technology is developing a system that protects soldiers from bio-warfare, the Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS). Its duty is to provide early warning and identification of biological warfare agents to supported forces. It will provide biological agent point-detection, identification, and sampling capability for both fixed-site and mobile operations. The system can automatically detect, identify and report up to ten agents simultaneously in less than fifteen minutes.

Comtrol’s RocketPort uPCI 8-Port Low Profile card and interface connects the many different sensors, triggers, and instruments in the biological data acquisition system and communicate the information in real-time to the control center. The RocketPort product met the durability, reliability, and communication speed requirements of this advanced system.

The JBPDS can be man-portable, installed on-board ships, in shelters, mounted on high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicles, or on trailers. It is to be used by the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines in high-threat areas.

The RocketPort uPCI family of multi-port cards handle the transmission of large amounts of data reliably and efficiently. They work with popular operating systems and have an on-board processor to minimize host utilization. They are available in RoHS 2 compliant models. A wide array of port densities, interfaces, surge protection, and rack-mount options means there is one to fit your networking needs.