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Smart Grid Remote Monitoring and Control for Multiple Substations

DeviceMasterRTS Serialtunneling - Smart Grid Remote Monitoring and Control for Multiple Substations

An International software developer and systems integrator for utility automation needed a reliable solution to connect to multiple substations from one central office. Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS 32-port device server was chosen to be implemented into the central office control station.

The DeviceMaster RTS ports connect to modems, radios or microwave systems to communicate data to or from control relays, RTUs and other intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) to the remote substations.

Also, in response to the many old modem systems still existing in utility infrastructures, Comtrol created a custom feature embedding an RTS toggle function to mimic the old Bell protocols these modems need to respond correctly. This makes the central station upgrade much easier to accomplish.

The DeviceMaster 32-port proved to be very valuable, being the largest port density device server with the RTS toggle function. Comtrol is always striving to meet customers’ needs, creating reliable custom solutions at a competitive price point.