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Smart Grid Direct Monitoring and Control for Multiple Substations

DeviceMasterRTS Ethernetbackbone - Smart Grid Direct Monitoring and Control for Multiple Substations

Delivering low-cost, reliable electric service to over one million customers is the main objective for one energy company in the United States. Real-time monitoring access and control over each substation is imperative to keeping their electrical service reliable.

Along with connecting multiple devices, this particular energy company wanted to avoid having a computer at each substation and needed the ability to have multiple computers access the data from the central station. Comtrol was easily able to solve each of these needs with its DeviceMaster RTS 16-port.

Each DeviceMaster is serially connected to the relays, RTUs and other intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) for data collection and status monitoring. The information that is collected by the DeviceMaster is communicated directly to the central station by Ethernet across the WAN (Wide Area Network).

By implementing Comtrol’s DeviceMaster this company was able to create the type of communication solution they wanted. In addition, the DeviceMaster product has performed reliably and is backed by superior technical support.