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Electrical Substation Data Collection and Control

RocketPort serialconnections - Electrical Substation Data Collection and Control

Electrical substations are secondary stations of electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems where voltage is converted from high to low or the reverse using transformers. Electric power may flow through several substations between the generating plant and the consumer. Typically, individual substations contain switching, protection and control equipment along with one or more transformers.

The intelligence for monitoring all functions that take place within each substation is housed in a small building. One system integrator has been incorporating Comtrol’s RocketPort card within their substation management software for five years. The RocketPort card is installed into the rack-mount rugged computer, where the ports are connected to relays, RTUs and other intelligent electrical devices (IEDs) for data collection and control. Each device within a substation sends information serially to the RocketPort, which the substation computer then communicates to the central station by Ethernet across the WAN (Wide Area Network).

Comtrol’s RocketPort card provides a reliable bridge between all the functions happening at the substation to the central station. This allows for closer monitoring, and ensuring that everything is working properly and providing power to the appropriate end-users.