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Efficiency in Energy Management

EnergyManuf zoom - Efficiency in Energy Management

An energy meter manufacturing company based in Cairo, Egypt discovered that there is an economical solution to the extra time and cost that can be accrued by sending out company personnel to manually read electrical meters and log energy usage from each floor of a commercial building.

Property management and energy companies can reduce time and expenses by adding a DeviceMaster Ethernet gateway to their physical system configurations as well as a corresponding software program on their networks.

Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP 1-Port has been used by the energy meter manufacturing company to complement its meters and provide as a package to property management companies. The DeviceMaster UP 1-Port has the capability to connect the energy meters together for remote reading and monitoring.

A specific property management company needed to monitor separate tenants energy usage within a commercial building. On each floor of the building, or for each tenant, an energy meter is installed and connected to a DeviceMaster UP 1-Port via Modbus RTU (serial), which is then connected to the PC or server system which is running the client’s property management energy software.

If the energy meter manufacturing company chose not to implement Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP 1-Port into its systems, the property management company would have to send personnel out to manually read each meter, which is a labor-intensive task. The DeviceMaster changes all of that, allowing the property management company to remotely retrieve information about meter operation and energy levels to determine system function (or malfunction) and customer billing.

The DeviceMaster UP 1-Port Modbus Ethernet gateway delivers highly flexible and unique Modbus functionality, and has been designed to meet the demands of today’s increasingly diverse Modbus installations. Comtrol has developed three distinctive Modbus firmware applications that provide a wide range of Modbus connectivity. The entire DeviceMaster UP product line provides connectivity between a vast array of Modbus controllers and devices. Simplified configuration pages, innovative functionality and informative diagnostic information all make for quick and easy set-up of even the most complex Modbus installations.