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oilpipe line - Energy

Discovering innovative ways to fuel the critical processes of our businesses, infrastructures, and our lives is essential when we understand we have a finite amount of natural resources. Becoming more efficient in the way we harvest energy helps to preserve resources and allows us to successfully distribute every portion of that usable energy with minimal loss. Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol is committed to providing high-performance and quality communication, data transmission and connectivity devices for these processes.

Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol’s RocketPort® multiport serial cards provide data collection and control capabilities within systems such as electricity generation and conversion.

Our DeviceMaster® device servers are currently controlling processes in renewable energy systems, including wind power and underwater hydropower.

Our RocketLinx® managed and unmanaged network switches have endless capabilities to streamline data into central networks and to simplify and condense large or complex energy systems.

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