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Studio Upgrades for Major US Broadcast Network

SMPTE diagram broadcastapp - Studio Upgrades for Major US Broadcast Network

Whether a television network requires remote live camera feeds during a newscast or a radio station needs to incorporate satellite signal communication, reliable connectivity is essential for creation, control, and distribution of content. The entire broadcast creation process from data-capture and compilation to editing and circulation requires reliable connectivity devices during multiple stages of production.

One major US broadcast television network used Comtrol’s RocketPort SMPTE products during recent large-scale studio upgrades to connect to various production system components. The RocketPort cards provided the needed expansion of serial ports in the news studio to connect the following devices to the control system:

Comtrol’s RocketPort SMPTE 8-Port uPCI controller card and the RocketPort 8-Port interface (or rack mount interface)
were deployed in 28 studio locations across the US over the span of a year. The RocketPort SMPTE products are designed
specifically for the broadcast industry, are available in 2-port and 8-port densities, and support RS-422 serial communications
at speeds up to 921 Kbps.

For more information on the RocketPort SMPTE serial card family: