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Comtrol’s RocketPort EXPRESS working in audio and video live feeds

Sporting Arena1 - Comtrol’s RocketPort EXPRESS working in audio and video live feeds

At sporting and entertainment events instant video and audio updates are necessary. We need to know the score of the basketball game or how many personal fouls our favorite player had. Comtrol’s RocketPort Express multiport serial cards help a leading scoreboard control company make that process easier.

They rely on our 4-port and 8-port RocketPort Express Cards to add additional serial ports to their servers. The RocketPort Express cards have the ability to be configured via the software drivers. This allows half of the ports on the cards to be set at RS-232 communications and the other half set at RS-422 communications. These settings allow for multiple uses within their product lines.

Sporting arenas are full of RS-232 communication needs that are used for connecting scoring controllers; these controllers that are typically built for static or amber light boards that are connected via a serial RS-232. Our customer receives a protocol from the manufacturers and implements the configuration into their software. Using the protocol they can read the data live from the signal and process it through the CG portion of their software thereby allowing the end-user to put any real-time scoring data on any LED/LCD screen of their choosing.

The RS-422 serial ports are used for remote control protocols, such as VDCP. This allows for large video switchers, to remotely control coring products with simple input controls. Using this protocol the switcher operator has full range to recall any content they wish to on-the-fly with minimal effort. It also adds another layer when combined with key outputs and CG features to allow for animated transitions on the video switcher.

The RocketPort Express Card allows for the end-users to avoid purchasing single-use amber light boards and instead buy a more dynamic LED board option. It also allows for real-time data to get to other screens controlled by our customers’ software in the concourse or luxury suites. The end-user can then configure for the suites to receive real-time data not seen anywhere else in the facility making them that much more exclusive.

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