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Serial Port to Ethernet converters

image 57 - Serial Port to Ethernet converters

Serial Port to Ethernet converters, gateways, and adapters are extremely useful when you are seeking to connect your computer’s serial port to various console ports. This device allows communication to take place between a host PC and serial devices when located anywhere across an Ethernet network. RS-232 Serial interface on DB9 serial ports are ideal for providing increased shielding in noisy electrical environments. Serial port to Ethernet supports native COM, TTY, or TCP/IP socket communication modes. This device comes with web-based configuration, making setup and management changes quick and easy. It also comes with a built-in two-port 10/100 Ethernet to simplify the network connection.

Features of serial port to Ethernet devices include:

  • Ability to operate in extreme temperatures
  • No cable distance limitations
  • RS-232 serial interface communications
  • Communicate with multiple serial devices simultaneously across a network
  • And much more!

Serial port to Ethernet devices enable users to provide cable replacement using serial-Ethernet. They also have virtual COM ports that connect PC/servers to remote serial devices over Ethernet. Additionally, data can be converted from serial to Ethernet. Serial data sent and received on serial ports around the serial to Ethernet adapter are exemplified in Ethernet packets in a fashion that best suits the kind of data being moved.

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