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serial to Ethernet

image 57 - serial to Ethernet

The DeviceMaster® family of serial to Ethernet device servers enable greater device networking abilities. Connect RS-232/422/485 serial devices to the network using your existing software applications. These device servers support native COM, TTY, or TCP/IP socket communications. These serial to Ethernet servers feature improved security that offers SSL serial data stream encryption and SSL & SSH management.

DeviceMaster Serial to Ethernet Products:

  • DeviceMaster RTS – designed for device networking versatility – offers software selectable ports and the ability to host local embedded programs
  • DeviceMaster PRO – top-of-the-line device server that can be used in harsh or electrically noisy environments
  • DeviceMaster Serial Hub – suited for in-server multi-port card replacement when RS-232 serial devices are located remotely
  • Companies rely on accurate and consistent access control to provide the security and discretion they require for their operations. The DeviceMaster RTS constitutes a good fit for access control programs due to its software-selectable RS-232/422/485 communication modes, ease-of-use, and dependability.

    The standard 1, 2, 4, and 8 port DeviceMaster RTS and PRO products are also NEMA TS2 compliant, are able to withstand temps ranging from -34° to 74° degrees Celsius, and that all comes standard at no extra cost. They have been ruggedized so they are capable of handling the most extreme temperatures, operating voltage and humidity fluctuation, vibration, and shock commonly experienced in the harshest outdoor environments.

    DeviceMaster products provide the most wide-ranging devices for network-enabling serial products. Varying from 1-port serial devices that provide single-device networking to 32-port products which offer high-density connections for specific applications, a DeviceMaster can be your solution.

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