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RS-232 Interface

image 126 - RS-232 Interface

The Rocket port 16 Rackmount RS-232 Interface is a separate, rack mountable interface that has sixteen RS232 RJ45 connections. RS-232 standards (EIA-232) are defined by EIA/TIA (Electronic Industries Alliance /Telecommunications Industry Association). RS-232 defines both the physical and electrical characteristics of the interface. The power level on RS232 pins is defined by TIA for short circuit protection to be 100mA. Most RS232 drivers will provide lower short circuit protection (especially for laptops). A max of 50mA PER PIN may be available but the data sheet for the specific interface/chip should be consulted before committing to externally powered designs.

View the RocketPort ® 16-Port RS-232 Rack Mount Interface.

RS232 RJ45 ports are used when connecting to or from a serial port with an 8 position Modular Jack (RJ45). They can be used only for non-synchronous applications because they do not have synchronous clocking signals. The RS232 RJ45 adapter allows you to connect to any RS232-enabled device to your network with ease. With fully functioning DB9 and RJ45 connectors, the adapter functions as a single-port device server, giving you the ability to seamlessly connect any RS232 powered device to your network. Installation is fast and simple. Additionally, configuration settings can be accessed via a web server.

Features of RS232 RJ45 include:

  • Two modes of operation – Redirector and serial tunneling
  • Suits commercial and industrial application
  • Used wherever a device server is used
  • Ethernet activity
  • Power LEDs
  • And much more
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