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RocketLinx ® MP1204-XT

The RocketLinx MP1204-XT is a Gigabit 12-port industrial PoE switch with eight PoE Plus ports, which are IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at compliant, and also provides four SFP slots.

Part Number: 32145-3

Product Highlights
  • Provides eight 10/100/1000 BASE-TX PoE ports and four 100/1000BASE-FX SFP slots
  • IEEE 802.3af 15.4W / IEEE 802.3at 30W High Power PoE
  • Total PoE power budget: Maximum. 240W PSE power delivered
  • Voice VLAN
  • Supports TACACS+
  • Network redundant LACP, STP, RSTP, MSTP, and quick ring protection(< 20 ms)
  • Port-based /tag-based VLAN, IEEE 802.1 ad/QinQ VLAN, Add/remove VLAN
  • Multicasting supports IGMP v1/v2/v3, proxy and snooping
  • Multicast/broadcast/flooding storm control
  • IEEE802.1x access control
  • VLAN mirroring
  • CLI/Web/SNMP management interfaces
  • PoE PSE power management and PD power consumption monitoring
  • Dual power input and reverse power protection
  • DIN-rail and wall mounting option
  • Green Ethernet (EEE, ActiPHY, and PerfectReach)
  • Extended temperature range, -40° – 75° C

The RocketLinx MP1204-XT is a Gigabit 12-port industrial PoE switch with eight PoE Plus ports, which are IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at compliant and also provides four SFP slots. The MP1204-XT provides an extended operating temperature range, which is ideal for IP camera, access point, and critical PoE devices.

  • RocketLinx MP1204-XT switch
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Console cable (RJ45M to DB9M)
  • Wall/panel and DIN rail mounting kits
  • Power terminal connector
  • Four RJ45 and four SFP dust plugs
  • Network InterfaceEight 10/100/1000 BASE TX PoE ports and four 100/1000BaseFX SFP slots
  • Connector Types8 – RJ45 copper ports
    4 – SFP slots
  • Ingress ProtectionIP30
  • EnclosureAluminum
  • Installation MethodEN50022 DIN rail
  • LED IndicatorsPower, Alarm, PoE, Link/Activity, Ring Role, and Ring Status
  • Alarm RelayRelay output with current carrying capacity of 0.5A @ 24VDC. Configurable alarm profile to enable Alarm LED, alarm relay and SNMP traps
  • Serial Console PortRJ45 to DB9 RS-232 (TxD, RxD, Signal Ground)
  • Dimensions6.06”(H) x 5.04”(D) x 3.03”(W)
    154mm(H) x 128mm(D) x 77mm(W)
  • Switch TechnologyStore and forward, L2 wire-speed/non-blocking switching engine
  • Product Weight 3.15 lbs
Ethernet Specifications
  • Number of Ports12
  • RJ458: 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE Plus
    Auto MDI/MDIX, Auto-negotiation (Speed/Duplex mode)
  • SFP Slots4: SFP (pluggable) Ports 100/1000BASE
    Auto-negotiation (Speed/Duplex Mode)
  • SFPs (Optional)Supports 100FX SFP transceivers or 1000BASE-TX SFP transceivers
  • Cable TypesCat 3, Cat 4, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 (UTP or STP)
  • Link DistancesRJ45: 100 meters
    SFP (Depends on the SFP model)
  • Port Alarm RelayYes
  • Jumbo Frame Size9K Bytes
  • Standards IEEE 802.3u: 10BASE-T Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3u: 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3u: 100BASE-FX Fast Ethernet Fiber
    IEEE 802.3z: Gigabit Ethernet Fiber
    IEEE 802.3ab: 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet Copper
    IEEE 802.1AB: Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
    IEEE 802.1ad: Double Tagging (Q in Q)
    IEEE 802.1D-2004: Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
    IEEE 802.1p: Class of Service
    IEEE 802.1Q: VLAN Tagging, GVRP, and Double Tag VLAN
    IEEE 802.1s: Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
    IEEE 802.1w: RSTP
    IEEE 802.1X: Port Based Network Access Control
    IEEE 802.3ad: Port Trunking with Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
    IEEE 802.3x: Flow Control and Back-Pressure
  • Internet ProtocolSupports IPv4 and IPv6
PoE Features
  • PoE Modes802.3af
    802.3at (2-event)
    802.3at (LLDP-MED)
  • Number of PoE Plus Injector Ports8
  • PSE Type802.3at Type 2
    Alternative A
  • StandardsIEEE 802.3af PoE
    IEEE 802.3at LLDP PoE Plus
  • LLDP-MEDExtension of IEEE 802.1ab and is defined by ANSI/TIA-1057
  • Maximum PoE Power/Port15.4W (IEE 802.3af)
    30W (IEEE 802.3at)
  • Total Power Budget (Max)240W
  • Power ConsumptionWithout PD load (Max): 14W
    PoE with PD load (Max): 265W with 240W PSE
    IEEE 802.3af: 2.92A @ 48VDC [134W]
    IEEE 802.3 at: 4.89A @ 53VDC [247W]
  • PoE ControlEnable or disable PoE, set/port PoE mode, and schedule-based PoE functions
  • Real-Time PoE StatusYes
  • PoE Output Pin-Out (RJ45)Pins 1, 2 - V+
    Pins 3, 6 - V-
  • PoE SchedulingPoE ports are configurable as On/Off by hourly/daily/weekly basis
Management Features
  • Configuration and Monitoring InterfacesOut-Band Management: console port with Command Line Interface (CLI) - Similar to Cisco CLI
    In-Band Management: web interface (HTTP/HTTPS) or a telnet/ssh console with CLI
  • System Upgrade/BackupWeb interface support for firmware upgrade and configuration backup/restore
  • SNMPSNMP v1, v2c and v3
  • SNMP MIBRFC 1757 RMON 1,2,3,9; RFC 2674 Q-Bridge MIB, RFC-1213 MIB-II; RFC-1493 Bridge MIB; RFC 2233 IF MIB
  • System LogSupports server mode syslog
Security Features
  • Port SecurityIP and MAC-based access control
    IEEE 802.1X authentication network access control
  • NASSupports system and port configuration
  • User Privilege16 configurable user privileges.
  • Authentication LevelsConsole, telnet, ssh, and http
  • Access ManagementUp to 16 entries
  • Server AuthenticationRADIUS and TACACS+
Network Redundancy
  • Loop ProtectionProvides Layer 2 loop prevention through STP, RSTP, and MSTP. Loop protection increases the efficiency of STP, RSTP, and MSTP by preventing ports from moving into a forwarding state that would result in a loop in the network
  • Multiple Spanning TreeIEEE 802.1s MSTP
  • Rapid Spanning Tree ProtocolIEEE 802.1D-2004 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), Compatible with legacy STP and IEEE 802.1w
  • Redundant Ring TechnologySupports single and multiple rings; ring coupling; dual- homing; chain
  • Port Trunk with LACPStatic trunk or dynamic via LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol)
Network Performance
  • Access Control ListPermit/ Deny Access Control Lists
  • Back-PressureIEEE 802.3x Back-Pressure(Half Duplex)
  • Class of Service (CoS)IEEE 802.1p - 8 Priority Queues/Port
  • DHCPClient, Server, Relay, Snooping, Option 82
  • Flow Control Pause FrameIEEE 802.3x (Full Duplex)
  • Green EthernetEEE, ActiPHY, and PerfectReach
  • IEEE 802.1adDouble-Tag for Private VLAN Access
  • IGMPIGMP v1/v2/v3, proxy, snooping, and querying
  • IP Source GuardAssign authorized IP addresses to specific port, 112 rules permitted per switch
  • LLDPIEEE 802.1ab: Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • LLDP-MEDSupports Link Layer Discovery Protocol Media Endpoint Discovery
  • Port-Based Network Access Control/EAPIEEE 802.1X: Port-Based network access control with EPoL (Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN) to permit or deny interface access with remote RADIUS server authentication, TACACS+
  • Port ConfigurationPort link speed, link mode, port status, enable/disable
  • Port MirroringOnline traffic monitoring on multiple selected ports
  • Port SecurityAssign authorized MAC addresses to specific port using the dynamic ARP inspection table, which can contain up to 256 entries
  • Port Trunk/Link AggregationIEEE 802.3ad LACP – Port Aggregation and Static Port Trunk
    Each trunk member supports up to 12 ports
    Maximum of 6 trunk groups including Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Private VLANDirect client ports in isolated/community VLAN to port in primary VLAN
  • sFlowSupported
  • Time SynchronizationNTP protocol with Daylight Saving Function and Localize Time Sync Function.
  • Traffic Prioritization (QoS)8 physical queues per port
    Weighted Fair Queuing (WRR) or Strict Priority Scheme, which follows 802.1p QoS tag ID and IPv4 ToS/ Diffserv information to prioritize network traffic
    Traffic shaper, which provides port-based shaping
    RADIUS-assigned QoS class
  • VLANIEEE 802.1Q VLAN with 4K (Max)
    IEEE 802.1ad double tagging (Q in Q)
    Maximum four multicast VLANS (MVR)
    Port based
    MAC-based VLAN
    Protocol-based VLAN
    IP Subnet-based VLAN
    RADIUS assigned
Electrical Specifications
  • Device
    • DC Input Voltage46-58 VDC
    • Power Consumption Max. 14W without PD connected
      265W with 240W PSE power delivered
  • Number of Power Inputs2
  • Power Connector Type6-Pin Screw Terminal Block
  • Power Input RedundancyDual Redundant Inputs
  • Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
    • Digital Output (Relay Output)1
      • DC Input Voltage24VDC
      • Current Consumption (30VDC)0.5A Maximum
      • Multi-Event Relay FeatureLow and High Temperature Port Link
    Environmental Specifications
    • Air temperature
      • System On-40° to 75 C
      • System Off-40° to 85 C
    • Operating Humidity (non-condensing)0% to 90%
    • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)>25 Years
    Environmental Specifications
    • Packaged Shipping Weight4.1 lbs
    • Package Dimensions9.5” x 7.5” x 5.2”
      240mm x 190mm x 132mm
    • UPC Code7-56727-32145-3
    • ECCN5A991
    • Schedule B Number8517.62.0050
    Regulatory Approvals
    • EmissionsEuropean Standard 61000-6-4:
      Canadian EMC Requirements - ICES-003
      CISPR 22
      FCC Part 15 Subpart B
      Class A limit
    • ImmunityEuropean Standard 61000-6-2:
      IEC 1000-4-2/EN61000-4-2: ESD
      IEC 1000-4-3/EN61000-4-3: RF
      IEC 1000-4-4/EN61000-4-4: Fast Transient/ Burst
      IEC 1000-4-5/EN61000-4-5: Surge
      IEC 1000-4-6/EN61000-4-6: Conducted Disturbance
      IEC 1000-4-8/EN61000-4-8: Magnetic Field
      IEC 1000-4-9/EN61000-4-9: Pulse Magnetic Field
      IEC 1000-4-9/EN61000-4-11: Dips and Voltage Variations
    • SafetyIEC 60950/EN60950:
      CSA C22.2 No. 60950/UL60950
    • OtherEuropean Standard: 2011/65/EU RoHS2
      NEMA TS2 Compliant
    • VibrationIEC60068-2-6
    • ShockIEC 60068-2-27
    • Free FallIEC 60068-2-32
    • Regulatory Approvals
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