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NS-Link™ Device Drivers

NS Link Logo FINAL - NS-Link™ Device DriversDeviceMaster® NS-Link device drivers support the DeviceMaster family.  NS-Link device drivers are available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Install the NS-Link device driver to use DeviceMaster serial ports as COM or tty ports. You can use the Windows® driver to also set up secure COM ports. If you install an NS-Link device driver, you can also configure the ports for socket mode or serial tinneling using the web interface.

NS-Link Driver Features

Port Sharing

DeviceMaster ports can be shared by installing the NS-Link device driver on each system that you want to permit access to the serial ports

You can implement the port sharing feature in several ways:

PortSharingThumb - NS-Link™ Device Drivers

You can implement port sharing to configure redundant PCs or fail-over protection, which does not require any additional driver configuration tasks.

Note: Most applications do not release ports, so you may not be able to use port sharing across multiple systems with the same port.  Also, if using port sharing, make sure that two computers do not try to access the same port at the same time.  Only one computer can control a given port at a given time.

Device-Level Options

Port-Level Options

MainScreenThumb - NS-Link™ Device Drivers

NS-Link Features for Windows

In addition to the NS-Link features supported by all drivers, the NS-Link driver for Windows has these features:

  • Ability to reboot the DeviceMaster from the Comtrol Drivers Management Console
  • NS-Link for Linux

    Typically, the latest Linux kernels with release candidate support are supported.  In addition, we provide support for previous kernel versions.