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Modbus Server

Modbus Server is an innovative application providing advanced Modus/RTU over Ethernet TCP/IP to serial device connectivity.

The Modbus Server application was designed to provide enhanced connectivity for OPC servers and applications that require Modbus/RTU communication. While standard gateways provide connectivity for only one application per serial port, Modbus Server provides connectivity for up to six applications per serial port.

Modbus Server was designed to greatly enhance system maintenance capabilities. Included are comprehensive device and port specific diagnostic web pages that display status, message response timing, timeout and other error counts, and overall message statistics. A serial log is also included to provide message level diagnosis.

Modbus Server firmware supports the following controllers:

Modbus Server and firmware supports the following devices:

Modbus Server firmware is recommended in installations that require:


modbusserver functionality generic no switch 300 - Modbus Server


Supported Interfaces:

Modbus Server highlights: