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Modbus Router

Modbus Router is an innovative application providing highly versatile Modbus master-to-master and master-to-slave connectivity.

The Modbus Router application was designed to provide highly flexible and robust connectivity for PLCs, SCADA systems, HMIs, OPC servers and applications that require a wide range of Modbus connectivity options. Modbus Router provides functionality such as:

While standard gateways provide limited connectivity for only directly connected Modbus slave devices, Modbus Router provides connectivity from multiple Modbus master types to both local and remote Modbus slaves. Simple or complex Modbus networks are easily created by combining multiple DeviceMaster UP chassis running Modbus Router and/or Modbus/TCP firmware.

Modbus Router was designed to greatly enhance system maintenance capabilities. Included are comprehensive local and remote slave device and port specific diagnostic web pages that display status, message response timing, timeout and other error counts, and overall message statistics. A serial log is also included to provide message level diagnosis.

The DeviceMaster UP configures in just minutes via embedded web pages. The included PortVision DX remote management and configuration software makes it a simple task to detect and manage every DeviceMaster UP on the network, facilitating firmware updates, troubleshooting, and remote administration.

Modbus Router firmware supports the following controllers:

Modbus Router firmware supports the following devices:

Modbus Router firmware is recommended in installations that require:

modbus router network example2 - Modbus Router


Supported Interfaces:

Modbus Router highlights: