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DeviceMaster ® Security

DeviceMaster Platform

The DeviceMaster platform includes many models to fit your needs.


Encrypted Connections across the LAN, WAN, or Internet

Comtrol DeviceMaster platforms provide enhanced security featuring SSL and SSH encryption, enabling secure data communication across the network between host applications and DeviceMaster-connected serial devices.

For over a decade, DeviceMaster products have performed as proven, reliable solutions in the widest variety of connectivity applications including material handling, power utility, industrial automation, and traffic and transportation.  The Windows NS-Link driver provides secure SSL data stream encryption and SSL/SSH configuration modes, DeviceMaster is able to effectively serve an even greater range of roles, reliably enabling serial to Ethernet communications while protecting sensitive data in government, medical, and financial applications.
DeviceMaster offers two distinct options to users with applications requiring stringent security measures.  First, through the use of the Windows NS-Link driver from the Comtrol web site, SSL-secured serial data stream communications are provided by simply enabling a driver option. In addition, you can configure authorized client application access. As a second measure of security, the DeviceMaster unit itself can be locked down to be virtually impregnable by giving administrators full control over communication ports and encrypted or clear text communication modes.

Security Features