Surge Protection

What level of surge protection do Comtrol products provide?

In order to properly accommodate installation in harsh operating environments, all Comtrol DeviceMaster® device servers and RocketPort® multiport card serial connectivity products incorporate on-board protection from transient electrical surges produced by electrostatic discharge (ESD). This built-in protection is equivalent to a minimum of 10KV at 200 Amps for a duration of 1 nanosecond for RocketPort cards and 15KV at 200 Amps for a duration of 1 nanosecond for DeviceMaster products. Comtrol’s extensive experience designing serial communication products has shown 10 – 15KV ESD protection to be the optimal price/performance level for most operating conditions. To address the needs of customers requiring installations in the most extreme conditions, Comtrol offers Surge Interfaces for card products and "special order" DeviceMaster device server models with enhanced surge protection up to 25KV at 400 Amps current for a 10-nanosecond duration.

Surge Protection Specifications

The following table details surge protection ratings for Comtrol DeviceMaster device servers and RocketPort multiport serial card products.

DeviceMaster FreeWire15KV200A1ns
DeviceMaster PRO25KV400A10ns
DeviceMaster RTS15KV200A1ns
DeviceMaster RTS25KV400A10ns
DeviceMaster RTS VDC15KV200A1ns
DeviceMaster Serial Hub15KV200A1ns
DeviceMaster Universal Protocol15KV200A1ns
RocketModem IV15KV200A1ns
RocketPort cards using RocketPort Interface10KV200A1ns
RocketPort cards using RocketPort Interfaces (unity chip)15KV200A1ns
RocketPort cards using RocketPort Interfaces (unity chip)25KV400A10ns
RocketPort cards using RocketPort Rackmount Interfaces10KV200A1ns
RocketPort cards using RocketPort Surge Interfaces25KV400A10ns
RocketPort EXPRESS15KV200A1ns
RocketPort INFINITY15KV200A1ns
RocketPort Jet15KV200A1ns
RocketPort Plus Universal PCI25KV400A10ns
RocketPort Plus Universal PCI 42225KV400A10ns
RocketPort Universal PCI15KV200A1ns
RocketPort USB Serial Hub II4KV200A1ns
RocketPort USB Serial Hub III4KV200A1ns

* All DeviceMaster Ethernet components and RocketModem modem chips are rated to 1.5KV magnetic surge protection, in addition to the surge protection levels listed.