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DeviceMaster EtherNet/IP™


The DeviceMaster EIP Gateway provides highly flexible EtherNet/IP connectivity to serial and Ethernet TCP/IP raw/ASCII devices.

The DeviceMaster EIP provides connectivity from a wide variety of EtherNet/IP controllers and applications to a vast array of serial and Ethernet TCP/IP raw/ASCII devices. With this gateway, you can connect virtually any EtherNet/IP based PLC, SCADA, HMI, OPC Server or other controller to ASCII interface barcode scanners, RFID readers, printers, encoders, weigh scales, vision systems and many others.

The DeviceMaster EIP’s embedded web pages provide many capabilities not found in standard gateways. It can be configured to most any environment in just minutes. Diagnostics pages greatly simplify maintenance and trouble shooting. System web pages provide the tools to update firmware, backup and restore configurations, and selectively restore defaults.

The included PortVision Plus remote management and configuration software makes it a simple task to detect and manage every DeviceMaster on the network. It can also be used for facilitating firmware updates, troubleshooting, and remote administration.

DeviceMaster UP EtherNetIP Diagram

Supported PLC’s