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DeviceMaster PROFINET IO


PROFINET IO Connectivity to Serial and Ethernet TCP/IP Devices

The DeviceMaster PNIO provides flexible PROFINET IO connectivity to serial and Ethernet TCP/IP devices.

The DeviceMaster PNIO provides connectivity to both serial and Ethernet TCP/IP raw/ASCII devices and provides detailed diagnostic capabilities not found in other gateways. Whether you need to connect your PROFINET IO PLC to a barcode scanner, weigh scale, vision system, or RFID reader, the DeviceMaster PNIO will provide the solution.

DeviceMaster UP EtherNetIP Diagram

The DeviceMaster PNIO configures in just minutes, either directly from the PROFINET Controller or remotely via embedded web pages. The included PortVision DX remote management and configuration software makes it a simple task to detect and manage every DeviceMaster PNIO on the network, facilitating firmware updates, troubleshooting, and remote administration.

Supported PLC Models:

Siemens S7-400, S7-300
Omron CJ Series
Bosch Rexroth IndraControl L10, L15, L45, L65


  • Connectivity – PROFINET IO to serial and Ethernet TCP/IP raw/ASCII devices
  • Low-latency updates – cycle times of 8ms IO with packets less than 220 bytes
  • Large received packet support – up to 1518 bytes serial and 1518 bytes Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Intelligent packet identification – start and end of transmission character detection/appending
  • Received packet size control – truncate or drop oversized packets
  • Support for all Profinet IO enabled PLCs
  • Lab certified to PROFINET standards