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DeviceMaster Modbus Products

2016 DeviceMaster Family - DeviceMaster Modbus Products

Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol has developed three unique Modbus firmware applications designed to provide flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. These Modbus firmware applications can all be loaded onto any DeviceMaster Modbus Gateway product, all provide valuable status and statistics information, and all provide the robustness and reliability that you expect in a quality Modbus gateway.

Modbus Advanced Solutions - DeviceMaster Modbus Products


MAC0009997 rgb - DeviceMaster Modbus Products



Modbus/TCP Master-to-Master Communication Customer Success Story

A large oil and natural gas platform in the North Sea was expanding their facility capabilities with the addition of a massive system module (over 1.5 million lbs) to the existing platform infrastructure. In order for both systems to communicate seamlessly with each other, the correct communication channels had to be established.

Control systems on each structure were configured to talk with one another through a serial Modbus RTU RS-232 or RS-485 channel. Modbus device configuration on both sides was designed to communicate as a master, though traditional Modbus communication takes place between a master and a slave.

Modbus Router Firmware Page

Modbus/TCP Firmware Page

Modbus Server Firmware Page