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DeviceMaster EtherNet/IP™

DMUP straight 1 - DeviceMaster EtherNet/IP™

The DeviceMaster EIP Gateway provides highly flexible EtherNet/IP connectivity to serial and Ethernet TCP/IP raw/ASCII devices.

The DeviceMaster EIP provides connectivity from a wide variety of EtherNet/IP controllers and applications to a vast array of serial and Ethernet TCP/IP raw/ASCII devices. With this gateway, you can connect virtually any EtherNet/IP based PLC, SCADA, HMI, OPC Server or other controller to ASCII interface barcode scanners, RFID readers, printers, encoders, weigh scales, vision systems and many others.

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Supported PLC’s

  • Allen Bradley/Rockwell ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, SoftLogix, SLC 5/05, PLC-5, and MicroLogix
  • Omron: NJ and select CJ series
  • Schneider Electric: select Modicon series and LMC058
  • Panasonic: FP7 series
  • Mitsubishi: select Q series
  • AutomationDirect: Productivity 1000, 2000, 3000. Do-more H2-DM1E
  • B&R: X20 system
  • CodeSys: Soft PLCs
  • Many other PLCs, Scada Systems, OPC Servers, HMIs
  • Most every controller that operates as an EtherNet/IP scanner



  • Connectivity – EtherNet/IP to serial and Ethernet TCP/IP raw/ASCII devices.
  • Four methods of receive communication (to the PLC) —Class1, Write-to-Tag/File, Write-to-Tag/File-Synced, and Polling
  • Two methods of transmit communication (from PLC) – Class1, PLC Writes (via MSG instruction)
  • Maximum of 128 connections – TCP/IP and UDP
  • Low-latency updates of received packets to PLC memory. Typically less than 10 ms in Write-to-Tag/File
  • Connectivity to high-speed devices. Supports message rates as high as:
    • 100 updates per second in Class1 receive mode
    • 50 updates per second Write-to-Tag/File receive mode
  • Large received packet support – up to 1518 bytes serial and 2048 bytes Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Large Class 1 connection size – maximum of 14,264 bytes
  • Received packet size control – truncate or drop oversized packets
  • Message Throttling – ensures PLC can process each received data packet
  • Intelligent packet identification – start and end of transmission character detection/appending
  • Filtering – String filtering, Barcode and RFID filtering and data extraction
  • DualConnectPlus technology – simultaneously connect PLCs and Ethernet TCP/IP applications to the serial and or Ethernet TCP/IP devices
  • Advanced Embedded Web Pages:
    • Configuration – Serial and Ethernet device interfaces, Network, EtherNet/IP stack, Security
    • Diagnostics – Serial and Ethernet device statistics and logs, PLC diagnostics, System log
    • System – Update firmware, Configuration file save/load, System Snapshot, Restore Defaults
  • Vendor Specific CIP objects—configuration, data transfer, and statistics