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DeviceMaster EtherNet/IP™ to Modbus

Introducing the most powerful and flexible EtherNet/IP to Modbus gateway available today.

DeviceMaster EtherNet/IP to Modbus

Imagine combining a full-featured EtherNet/IP interface, the most advanced Modbus gateway functionality available, and a built-in, programmable Data Mapping sub-system that ties everything together and doubles as a Modbus concentrator. Then add embedded web pages that provide extensive diagnostics, intuitive and flexible configuration options, secure interfaces and numerous maintenance options. The result is the DeviceMaster EIP-MOD firmware.

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With this gateway, you can connect virtually any EtherNet/IP based PLC, SCADA, HMI, or OPC Server to most any Modbus master or slave device. And you can connect the Modbus slave devices and masters to each other as well. This gateway can allow you to:

  • Connect EtherNet/IP controllers to serial, Modbus TCP or remote Modbus slave devices
  • Connect EtherNet/IP controllers to a wide variety of Modbus masters
  • Connect Modbus masters to other Modbus masters
  • Connect Modbus masters to serial, Modbus TCP or remote serial slaves
  • Connect Modbus slaves to other Modbus slaves, either local or remote
  • Set up a Modbus concentrator to lesson the load on Modbus masters and/or EtherNet/IP controllers
  • Quickly diagnose problems with the extensive diagnostic web pages

The DeviceMaster EIP-MOD’s embedded web pages provide many capabilities not found in standard gateways. It can be configured to most any environment in just minutes. The extensive diagnostics provide both system wide and device specific diagnostics. System web pages provide the tools to update firmware, backup and restore configurations, and selectively restore defaults.

The included PortVision Plus remote management and configuration software makes it a simple task to detect and manage every DeviceMaster on the network. It can also be used for facilitating firmware updates, troubleshooting, and remote administration.



Supported EtherNet/IP Controller Models:

  • Allen Bradley/Rockwell ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, SoftLogix, SLC 5/05, PLC-5, and MicroLogix
  • Omron: NJ and select CJ series
  • Schneider Electric: select Modicon series and LMC058
  • Panasonic: FP7 series
  • Mitsubishi: select Q series
  • AutomationDirect: Productivity 1000, 2000, 3000. Do-more H2-DM1E
  • B&R: X20 system
  • CodeSys: Soft PLCs
  • Many other PLCs, Scada Systems, OPC Servers, HMIs
  • Most every controller that operates as an EtherNet/IP scanner




  • EtherNet/IP Connectivity
    • Class 1, Write-to-Tag/File, Read-from-Tag/File, CIP Modbus object
    • Maximum of 128 connections – TCP/IP and UDP
    • Large Class 1 connection size – maximum of 3520 bytes
  • Modbus Master Connectivity
    • Modbus TCP (maximum of 96 connections)
    • Serial Modbus RTU/ASCII
    • Modbus RTU/ASCII over Ethernet TCP/IP
    • Serial bus with both a Modbus master and Modbus slave(s)
  • Modbus Slave Connectivity
    • Serial Modbus RTU/ASCII devices (RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, etc.)
    • Modbus TCP slaves (configurable IP address and socket ports)
    • Remote Modbus serial devices
  • Shared Memory
    • Eight 200 Holding Register blocks
    • Eight 320 Coil blocks
    • Configurable device Id, starting addresses, write control
    • Configurable Class 1 interface to Shared Memory
  • Data Mapping
    • Read Modbus, Write Tag/File – Read from a Modbus slave device or Shared Memory, write to an EtherNet/IP tag or file
    • Read Tag/File, Write Modbus – Read from an EtherNet/IP tag or file, write to a Modbus slave device or Shared Memory
    • Read Modbus, Write Modbus – Read from a Modbus slave device or Shared Memory, write to a Modbus slave device or Shared Memory
    • Up of 256 Read Modbus, Write Tag/File and/or Read Tag/File, Write Modbus configurations
    • Up to 256 Read Modbus, Write Modbus configurations
    • Configurable update times as fast as 20 ms
    • Selectable Write on Change of State option
  • Full-Featured Embedded Web Pages:
    • Configuration – Serial device interfaces, Network, EtherNet/IP stack, Modbus TCP, Modbus over Ethernet TCP/IP, Remote Modbus devices, Modbus Alias, Data Mapping, Shared Memory, Security
    • Informational – Data Mapping Verification, Shared Memory Map, EtherNet/IP Class 1 Interface
    • Diagnostics – Serial statistics and logs, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP diagnostics, Modbus slave devices, Modbus over TCP/IP statistics, Modbus Alias, Data Mapping statistics, Shared Memory contents/statistics, System log
    • System – Update firmware, Configuration file save/load, System Snapshot, Restore Defaults