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Power Supply Kits

Power Supply Kits

Comtrol proudly provides a large selection of Power Supply Kits. Within these kits you will find a wide range of rugged, auto-switching, stand-alone, and replacement AC power supplies that support a diverse range of Comtrol products. All of our power supply kits come equipped with both US and UK power cords. Additionally, these have been designed to fit a variety of mounting styles and environmental conditions, models are available to support DC voltage outputs including 5, 24 and 48 Volts.

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Power supply kits support a wide range of Comtrol products, including:

  • DeviceMaster Device Servers
  • RocketLinx Managed PoE Ethernet Switches
  • Comtrol DeviceMaster RTS
  • 1 Port DB9M
  • And more!

Comtrol Corporation is your most trusted source when searching for products to fulfill your industrial communication needs. Comtrol invented the first multi-port serial controller card for the PC and has consistently been first to market many other high-performance connectivity products that have been widely adopted by the data and network communications industries. Since 1982 Comtrol has been a pioneer in creating the most innovative products, like power supply kits that will support numerous products.

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Not only is our company a pioneer in developing the latest and greatest industrial products, but we also pride ourselves in providing the best possible customer service. If you find yourself lost in what products will best suit your needs or if you are simply looking for additional information regarding products, be sure to contact one of our trained staff members. With an extremely knowledgeable staff on duty you can be assured that all of your questions regarding any and all Comtrol products will be answered thoroughly. If you are in need of power supply kits, but are unsure what to choose, be sure to get into touch with one of our customer service representatives today to learn more.