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PoE Splitter

PoE Splitter

This PoE splitter splits a networked PoE signal into separate power and Gigabit data sources, provides safe and reliable power over existing Ethernet infrastructure, and supports high power over 2-pairs; up to 30W input. This PoE splitter enables you to run Ethernet cables directly from a PoE switch over long distances.

You can then split the PoE signal into different power and data sources, making it possible to run non-PoE devices. It also offers 10/100/1000BASE-T support, is safe and reliable power over existing Ethernet infrastructure, is IEEE 802.3 pre-standard, IEEE802.3af compliant with higher power, and has high power from data or spare pairs of Ethernet line. It also supports high power over 2-pairs – up to 30W input.

Comtrol offers a complete line of accessories to support our communications and networking product families. Here are some of the other accessories Comtrol offers:

  • SFPs (Small Form-Factor Pluggables)
  • Fiber Adapter Cables (Multi-Mode and Single-Mode)
  • Adapter Kits
  • Rack Mount Shelf

For over 30 years, Comtrol has been a provider and manufacturer of high-quality industrial and networking data communication products, concentrating on industrial Ethernet and device connectivity. Providing exceptional product and tech support, we have established solutions for a great deal of security, energy, industrial automation and traffic and transportation applications.

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