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Comtrol Corporation Introduces Ground-Breaking Theft Deterrent Solution for Loss Prevention

MINNEAPOLIS,Minnesota — June 10, 2011Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of device connectivity products, today announced it will introduce a theft deterrent solution at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO in Dallas, Texas on Monday, June 13th. Comtrol’s ground-breaking Theft Deterrent Solution (TDS) enables automated access control with no physical barriers for asset protection and employee safety. This product will provide both retailers and security integrators with quality protection solutions.

Comtrol’s TDS is designed to be highly-configurable, protecting any area of high-value products or areas requiring additional security. This system may be deployed in areas such as store rooms, retail cash wrap counters, computer server rooms, in-store pharmacies, jewelry and product counters, warehouses and more.

The technology in Comtrol’s TDS detects the presence of authorized personnel, and will automatically arm itself when a protected area is left unattended. When armed, an eye-safe infrared (IR) horizontal apron and/or vertical curtain is created, and will immediately produce an alert signal once that field is breached by an unauthorized person or object.  The TDS system allows only authorized personnel into protected areas, and initiates an immediate and automated response to a security breach without requiring physical action by the employee in crisis. The TDS alarm system utilizes dry contact output signals, allowing initiation of multiple actions immediately after a security breach. Actions may include but are not limited to; event-driven camera recording and communication, triggering of an enunciator or alarm, and connection to an alarm panel. 

“Our innovative TDS technology provides retailers with an additional layer of protection from both internal and external theft,” says Mark Pikkarainen, General Manager of Security Products Division, “For security integrators, the TDS can be seamlessly incorporated into an existing security system, or installed as a stand-alone solution.”

For more information about Comtrol’s TDS, please visit Comtrol TDS or experience the system in action at booth #1733 at the NRF Conference. 

About Comtrol Corporation

Comtrol Corporation is an expert device connectivity manufacturer and provider of networking products, specializing in industrial Ethernet gateways and intelligent embedded device connectivity products.These products support a wide range of enterprise, industrial, security, power utility, and traffic automation applications. The company’s RocketPort multi‐port serial cards, DeviceMaster Ethernet device servers, and RocketLinx industrial grade Ethernet and Power over Ethernet switch product lines are sold through regional, national, and international distributors and by thousands of resellers and integrators worldwide. For more information, contact Comtrol Corporation at 800‐926‐6876 or visit

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