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TERL Certification

Comtrol Corporation’s ruggedized Ethernet Switches and Device Servers have been Certified by the Florida DOT TERL

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — August 25, 2010—Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial device connectivity products, today announced that its RocketLinx ES8510-XT managed Ethernet switch and DeviceMaster RTS and PRO serial device servers have successfully passed the test and evaluation of the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Approved Product List for Statewide Procurement of ITS equipment. The Traffic Engineering Research Lab (TERL) is responsible for maintaining an Approved Product List of devices that have been tested and verified to meet FDOT requirements ensuring that the products sold and implemented in transportation projects are safe and reliable, of good quality and perform as required. The TERL plays a large part in helping the FDOT assure that only safe and uniform traffic control systems are implemented in the state of Florida.

“This certification of Comtrol’s products by the TERL, is an example of Comtrol delivering superior product reliability and advanced features that ITS customers require,” said Bradford Beale, Senior Vice President of Comtrol. “By achieving this certification through the Florida DOT TERL all transportation agencies in the state of Florida will have the advantage of easily procuring product from Comtrol, with the knowledge that Comtrol’s managed Ethernet switches and ruggedized device servers meet all vibration, shock and extended temperature requirements given by the State of Florida. We are looking forward to all the new opportunities that will open up to us from this certification.”

After extensive testing the TERL has awarded Comtrol’s RocketLinx ES8510-XT, DeviceMaster RTS, and DeviceMaster PRO products with the following Approved Products List numbers 78461200429011, 78461300429011, and 78461300429021.

About Comtrol Corporation

Comtrol Corporation is an expert network advisor in device connectivity, industrial Ethernet gateways, and intelligent embedded device connectivity products for a wide range of enterprise, industrial, security, power utility, and traffic automation applications. The company’s RocketPort multi‐port serial card, DeviceMaster Ethernet device server, and RocketLinx industrial grade Ethernet and Power over Ethernet switch product lines are sold through regional, national and international distributors and by thousands of resellers and integrators worldwide. For more information, contact Comtrol Corporation at 800‐926‐6876 or visit

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