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Linux Journal – RocketLinx ES7506 Switch Review

Linux Journal | February 2010

LinuxFeb10cover - Linux Journal - RocketLinx ES7506 Switch ReviewComtrol Corporation says its new RocketLinx ES7506 industrial managed PoE plus switch “changes the game when it comes to where you place your devices.” Designed for applications such as IP surveillance, security and transportation, where power sources are not conveniently located, the RocketLinx ES7506 offers four Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports delivering up to 30 watts and supporting the new IEEE802.3at standard. “When setting up an IP camera or wireless access point, for instance”, says Comtrol, “you can choose the optimum location for the application, versus mounting the device closest to an available power source”. Tasks such as configuring ports, rebooting a failed device or implementing green power scheduling can be controlled via SNMP, Web interface or the included RocketLinx NetVision management software. Additionally, the switch features two uplink ports that support redundant ring network topologies, which enable network failure recovery at less than five milliseconds.

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