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Leading Manufacturer of Broadcast Control Systems Unveils Groundbreaking Device Connectivity Products

MINNEAPOLIS — Jan. 21, 2009 …

Comtrol Corporation (, a worldwide leader in device connectivity, today introduced the RocketPort® uPCI SMPTE 2-Port serial card and the BroadPort 550–the industry’s only rack-mountable 16-Port serial card complete with a DCE/DTE switch. The BroadPort 550, along with Comtrol’s other SMPTE serial cards, break new ground by introducing serial communication products designed specifically for the unique needs of the television broadcast industry, which is held to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) connectivity standards. The products are available immediately.

Comtrol’s SMPTE products take streams of information from broadcast network suppliers and major networks and ingest this information feed to create a broadcast. A single serial port connection can split information and push data out to up to 32 units. Multiple ports are in high demand in the broadcast industry.

“The broadcast industry is an important part of our business,” said Ehssan Taghizadeh, president and COO of Comtrol Corporation. “With the release of the BroadPort 550, we expect our reputation for designing and building device controllers that deal with tough issues to continue to strengthen.”

Other features include the ability to facilitate the addition of local programming (local station input) to complement what data is distributed from the major networks; and news alerts that scroll across the bottom of a newscast program through Comtrol’s RocketPort (controls satellite signal) and DeviceMaster (routes information to local and national affiliates).

About Comtrol Corporation

Comtrol Corporation is a worldwide leader in device connectivity, industrial Ethernet gateways, and intelligent embedded device connectivity products for a wide range of industrial and traffic/transportation applications. The company’s RocketPort multi‐port serial card, DeviceMaster Ethernet device server and RocketLinx industrial grade Ethernet switch product lines are sold through regional, national and international distributors and by thousands of resellers and integrators worldwide. For more information, contact Comtrol Corporation at 800-926-6876 or visit

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