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Comtrol Corporation introduces industrial managed PoE Plus switch

MINNEAPOLIS — November 11, 2009 — Comtrol Corporation, a worldwide leader in device connectivity, today introduced the RocketLinx ES7506 Industrial Managed PoE Plus Switch. This newest addition to the RocketLinx family of switches is designed for applications such as IP surveillance, security and transportation, where power sources are not conveniently located. Each of the four Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports delivers up to 30 watts, supporting the new IEEE802.3at standard. The RocketLinx ES7506 switch puts users in command of their devices with its intelligent PoE control and schedule management capabilities.

“The RocketLinx ES7506 really changes the game when it comes to where you place your devices,” said Bradford Beale, vice president of global sales for Comtrol. “When setting up an IP camera or wireless access point, for instance, you can choose the optimum location for the application, versus mounting the device closest to an available power source.”

Remote control and management of PoE applications reduce the need for costly service calls and unplanned system downtime. Tasks like configuring ports, rebooting a device that has failed or implementing Green power scheduling can be controlled via SNMP, web interface or the included RocketLinx NetVision management software. Additionally, the switch features two uplink ports that support redundant ring network topologies. Combined with best-in-class ring technology, network failure recovery is almost unnoticeable at less than five milliseconds.

“Introducing field hardened products that are designed to handle outdoor environments and harsh temperatures continues to be a key priority for Comtrol,” said Ehssan Taghizadeh, Comtrol President and CEO. “With its IP-31 rigid aluminum housing and extended temperature range, the RocketLinx ES7506 upholds this design objective. Overall, its features make it ideal for applications that improve the safety of our city and transportation infrastructure.”

About Comtrol Corporation

Comtrol Corporation is a worldwide leader in device connectivity, industrial Ethernet gateways, and intelligent embedded device connectivity products for a wide range of industrial and traffic/transportation applications. The company’s RocketPort multi‐port serial card, DeviceMaster Ethernet device server and RocketLinx industrial grade Ethernet switch product lines are sold through regional, national and international distributors and by thousands of resellers and integrators worldwide. For more information, contact Comtrol Corporation at 800-926-6876 or visit

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