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Comtrol Unveils DeviceMaster ® FreeWire

MINNEAPOLIS — Nov. 17, 2008…

Comtrol Corporation (, a worldwide leader in device connectivity solutions, today introduced the DeviceMaster®serial device servers, this wireless product offers the industry most advanced wireless security standards. FreeWire 1-Port Serial Device Server. The latest addition to Comtrol’s popular DeviceMaster family of serial device servers, this wireless product offers the industry most advanced wireless security standards.

“The market is demanding more mobile and flexible connectivity solutions—but also the highest security standards—and FreeWire fits the bill,” said Ehssan Taghizadeh, president and COO of Comtrol. “FreeWire is ideal for situations where LANs are not feasible, where wiring is difficult or where devices are moved periodically.”

FreeWire offers both 802.11b/g wireless and direct-wired 10/100 Ethernet technologies and supports the most secure wireless security standards, including WEP, WPA, WPA2 and PSK or 802.11x authentication with TTLS, TLS, LEAP, PEAP and FAST. In addition, FreeWire incorporates enterprise-level security features, such as access control lists and read-and-write-configuration passwords.

FreeWire is also fast and easy to install and manage: It includes an extensive management application that allows users to set up, configure, manage, and maintain multiple device servers quickly and simultaneously. And FreeWire includes COM port redirector software for mapping local COM ports to the remote FreeWire serial connection and an integrated Web server for remote configuration from any networked PC, Telnet, and serial console administration.

About Comtrol

Comtrol Corporation is a worldwide leader in device connectivity, industrial Ethernet gateways, and intelligent embedded device connectivity products for a wide range of industrial and hospitality applications. Comtrol products include RocketPort multiport serial cards, and DeviceMaster Ethernet device servers, sold through more than 50 regional, national, and international distributors, as well as thousands of resellers and integrators worldwide. For more information, contact Comtrol Corporation at 800-926-6876 or visit