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T3 Telecom Software Announces Connectivity with Comtrol’s Lodging Link to Provide Integrated Voice Messaging Services to the Hospitality Industry

NEW YORK, N.Y. — March 08, 2007…

T3 Telecom Software, Inc. has integrated with Comtrol’s Lodging Link™ to work seamlessly with industry leading hospitality Property Management Systems (PMSs). The PMS manages the inventory of rooms and must communicate with an ever increasing variety of guest service systems (GSSs), such as voice mail, pay-per-view movies, automated check-in/check out and Internet access. Comtrol provides the interface that enables a hotel’s PMS to communicate with its various guest services. This PMS/GSS interface is essential to the successful management of lodging facilities.

T3 Telecom’s voice messaging product, T3main, includes robust, feature-rich components that provide the building blocks for a fully customized and scalable messaging solution including Unified Messaging, SIP, Speech Recognition, Voice Verification (biometrics), Networking, Interactive Voice Response, Automated Attendant, Fax, and Announcer functionality.

Through its integration with Lodging Link, T3 Telecom Software has become a Guest Service System partner and is able to offer its voice messaging applications to the hospitality industry without any additional integration.

“Our partnership with Comtrol allows the T3main to be instantly compatible with a wide range of PMS systems,” states Yaniv Livneh, CEO of T3 Telecom Software. “It shortened our development time and saved on integration and testing costs, which in turn translates into a more affordable product to the hotel owner. More hotels can now benefit from the reliability and stability of the T3 system with custom hotel features, such as archiving and unified messaging, as well as have a product ready for migration to voice over IP.”

“Comtrol is excited that our Lodging Link Compatible PMS Partners will now have the ability to interface with the T3main product,” said Cory McClure, Hospitality Division Sales Manager at Comtrol. “Our PMS partners are consistently on the watch for breakthrough products like T3main to install at their hotels. Having this interface available will now allow seamless connectivity.”

Hotels interested in using T3 Telecom Software’s voice messaging application integrated with Comtrol’s Lodging Link system and leading property management systems can visit Comtrol’s web site for a list of PMS partners:

About T3 Telecom Software, Inc.

T3 Telecom Software has been developing innovative telephony solutions since 1991. The company’s progressive building blocks approach allows customers to build a highly customized and configured telephony application that meets unique business requirements without in-depth knowledge of programming and telephony.

T3main fits effortlessly into a VoIP, traditional TDM PBX or hybrid strategy while enabling customers to leverage their existing infrastructure investment through unique networking capabilities and a distributed architecture that allow multi-site organizations to standardize on one solution for their telephony services needs.

About Comtrol

Comtrol is a worldwide product leader in network enabling devices. Our hospitality products division supplies Lodging Link to PMS vendors for hotel device connectivity and integrating disparate systems. As expert network advisors, we provide more than product capabilities — we are committed to our customer’s objectives. Comtrol has 25-years experience giving businesses the tools that connect, communicate, and control.