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Call Accounting Features Lodging Link

Maple Grove, Minneapolis-based Comtrol is a major player in device connectivity, and offers a wide range of hardware, software, and supporting services.

The company is the sole developer of a universal interface technology, known as Lodging Link, that creates seamless communications between a hotel’s PMS and its guest service systems, such as call accounting, keyless entry, PBX, voice mail, etc., and currently offers hundreds of interfaces that are operational with many major property management systems.

Comtrol’s hospitality products division supplies Lodging Link technology direct to PMS vendors for hotel device connectivity and the integration of disparate systems.

The PMS/GSS interface is necessary to enable centralized and efficient management of lodging facilities. It allows for tracking, capture of charges, and other activities related to automated in-room services like telephones, pay-per-view movies, electronic mini-bars, and Internet access.

Comtrol provides a total solution to the historical problem of interfacing so-called “incompatible” systems. Lodging Link “speaks” in the company’s proprietary Universal Hospitality Language Layer (UHLL), providing connectivity and bi-directional communication between the major PMS and GSS systems on the market today.

Comtrol’s Lodging Link product was formerly owned by Protocol Technologies Inc. Last month, Comtrol announced its 60th Lodging Link partner, NOVEXSYS, developed by Centrada Solutions LLC. NOVEXSYS is a web-based, OTA-compliant PMS, on the market since September, and is one of the only solutions of its kind that is SaaS-based and operates with a hotel’s existing hardware. It is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and so incurs no licensing fees.

“NOVEXSYS is perfectly paired with Lodging Link technology and our business model,” said Bradford Beale, Vice President of Comtrol Corp. “Our joint solution offers service-oriented hotels a scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use solution.”

Steve Woodward, President of Centrada, commented: “Our mission is to provide just the services smaller hotels need, at a at a price point they are comfortable with. Lodging Link is a natural choice for us as our hotel guest-device interface provider. They allowed us to select just the interfaces we want from their extensive library, installed via the web.”