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Press Archives (2007)

  • Comtrol Corporation Announces Ehssan Taghizadeh as President

    MINNEAPOLIS December 13, 2007 Comtrol Corporation, a global market leader for network enabling solutions, has named Ehssan Taghizadeh as President. Taghizadeh has been with Comtrol for over 17 years, serving as its vice president of engineering since 2000. Taghizadeh received his BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Microelectronics and Microprocessor Chip Design from the University of Minnesota.

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  • Comtrol’s Lodging Link and NOVEXSYS Partner to Provide Easy-to-use, Scalable Solutions for Hotels

    MINNEAPOLIS November 19, 2007 Comtrol Corp. is proud to announce it’s 60th Lodging Link partner, NOVEXSYS. Comtrol’s Lodging Link product provides enterprise integration systems to the hospitality industry, creating seamless communications between a hotel’s property-management system and its guest-service systems, such as PBX, voice mail, call accounting, in-room Internet access, point-of-sale, in-room movie, keyless entry, mini bar, and energy management.

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  • RocketPort® EXPRESS Multiport Serial Cards

    MINNEAPOLIS November 13, 2007 Comtrol Corporation introduces RocketPort® EXPRESS in-server serial port expansion cards. These flexible serial cards are fully compatible with systems featuring x1, x2, x4, x8, x12 and x16 lane PCI Express expansion slots. Product line includes 4-, 8, 16- and 32-Port options.

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  • ONETECH is Successfully Integrated with Comtrol’s Lodging Link System

    MINNEAPOLIS August 29, 2007 Comtrol is pleased to announce ONETECH has signed on to become our newest Lodging Link PMS partner. Comtrol’s Lodging Link solution will provide ONETECH’s Property Management System the interface connectivity to the hotel’s various guest services systems. Hotel systems include: PBX, voice mail, call accounting, in-room Internet access, point-of-sale, in-room movie, keyless entry, mini bar, and energy management systems. Lodging Link eliminates the need for property management system (PMS) vendors to create their own interfaces.

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  • All Systems Go: The Lone Wolf Racecar Takes Itself For a Spin In Preparation for the DARPA Urban Challenge

    MINNEAPOLIS August 16, 2007 In a final test and demonstration before the upcoming 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, the autonomous race car, the Lone Wolf, took itself for a spin yesterday at sponsor Comtrol Corporation’s headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. This unmanned, computer-driven Lotus Elise employs forward-thinking technology from progressive manufacturers such as Comtrol and SICK, Inc., two long-standing industry leaders from Minnesota. Comtrol supplies the Lone Wolf with DeviceMaster® equipment instrumental to coordinating the car’s complex system of sensors necessary for autonomous operation. These innovative laser measurement system sensors, developed by SICK, use laser radar technology to help the car "see" obstacles and navigate the terrain.

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  • Comtrol Corporation Announces New Ownership and Board of Directors

    MINNEAPOLIS August 21, 2007 Comtrol Corporation is pleased to announce a change in ownership and corporate governance for the organization. Comtrol, now majority owned by Rebecca Beale, has elected a newly reconstituted board of directors, which comprises four independent directors having served as CEO and other executive leadership positions in Fortune 500® companies as well as smaller private and publicly held companies. All are enthusiastic about Comtrol’s potential and are excited to be part of Comtrol’s team

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  • innRoad, Inc. Partners With Comtrol for Lodging Link® Compatible Property Management System

    MINNEAPOLIS and Sag Harbor, N.Y. July 3, 2007 innRoad, Inc., a hospitality industry-leading company featuring the first fully featured on-demand PMS, innCenter, is pleased to announce that the company has partnered with Comtrol®, a worldwide product leader in network enabling devices. Through this partnership, innRoad’s Internet-based property management system will utilize Comtrol’s newest product, Lodging Link®, Premier to interface with over 500 various hotel guest services systems. This allows innCenter to aggregate independent systems including PBX, voice mail, call accounting, HSIA, point-of-sale, in-room movie, keyless entry, mini bar and energy management systems into one solution, eliminating the need to create independent interfaces.

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  • Comtrol’s Edgeware Leads the Way in RFID Integration Innovation

    MINNEAPOLIS March 26, 2007 Comtrol Corporation’s Edgeware edge controller continues to be on the cutting-edge of tools for moving a RFID pilot into production. In addition to integrating enterprise applications, devices and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Edgeware now comes with DualConnectPlus Technology. This exclusive Comtrol technology can simultaneously connect both serial and Ethernet devices to PLCs and/or applications. It also provides filtering of string, RFID, and barcode data while extracting the barcode and RFID parameters.

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  • T3 Telecom Software Announces Connectivity with Comtrol’s Lodging Link to Provide Integrated Voice Messaging Services to the Hospitality Industry

    NEW YORK, N.Y. March 08, 2007 T3 Telecom Software, Inc. has integrated with Comtrol’s Lodging Link to work seamlessly with industry leading hospitality Property Management Systems (PMSs). The PMS manages the inventory of rooms and must communicate with an ever increasing variety of guest service systems (GSSs), such as voice mail, pay-per-view movies, automated check-in/check out and Internet access. Comtrol provides the interface that enables a hotel’s PMS to communicate with its various guest services. This PMS/GSS interface is essential to the successful management of lodging facilities.

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